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Connected and Automated Vehicles


Interagency CAV Team

The Interagency Connected and Automated Vehicles Team (I-CAV) includes representatives from state agencies, the University of Minnesota’s Center for Transportation Studies, Met Council and the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration to ensure coordination on CAV activities, support policy developments, advice the Governor’s Advisory Council on CAV, and actively work towards CAV solutions and projects that make Minnesota’s multimodal transportation system safe, equitable, efficient, sustainable, and healthy.

Mission, Goals and Tasks

I-CAV’s Mission

  • Ensure interagency coordination and collaboration, develop cross-agency policies and programs to strategically prepare Minnesota for CAV, and provide policy support to implement the CAV Advisory Council’s vision.
  • Act as a policy working group as subject matter experts to ensure coordination among agencies.
  • Collaboratively support CAV agency objectives to guide the Advisory Council
  • Provide institutional background knowledge and continuity for Advisory Council members Connect within our agencies to share information and resources with technical experts
  • Accountability and coordination of CAV activities across agencies

I-CAV Membership

Agency/Organization Name, Title
Minnesota Department of Transportation

Nancy Daubenberger, Deputy Commissioner and Chief Engineer

Jay Hietpas, Assistant Commissioner of Operations
Kristin White, CAV-X Office Director

Minnesota Department of Administration  

Stacie Christensen, Data Practices Director

Rachel Dougherty, State Procurement Acting Manager

Sara Eken, Office of State Procurement

Minnesota Department of Agriculture Whitney Place, Assistant Commissioner 

Minnesota Department of Commerce

Anne O’Connor, Chief Deputy Commissioner

Jonathan Kelly, Government Affairs Liaison
Megan Prail, Office of Admin Specialist Principal

Megan Verdeja, Director of Government Affairs and Data Science at Minnesota

Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development

Black Chaffee, Deputy Commissioner

Darielle Dannen, Senior Executive Officer

Kevin McKinnon, Deputy Commissioner
Minnesota Department of Health Emily Smoak, Principal Planner
Minnesota Department of Human Services

Jacqueline Peichel, Home and Community-based Development Lead for the Continuing Care for Older Adult Administration’s Aging and Adult Services

Courtney Whited, Grants Specialist Senior staff to the Minnesota Board on Aging

Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation

Jason Metsa, Deputy Commissioner

Marianne Bouska, Chief Operating Officer
Metropolitan Council Nick Thompson, Director of Metropolitan Transportation Services
Minnesota Council on Disabilities

Kody Olson, Public Policy Director

Joan Wilshire, Executive Director
Minnesota Information Technology Services Amanda Smith, Climate Change and Energy Policy Coordinator
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Amanda Smith, Climate Change and Energy Policy Coordinator
Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Alice Corrie, Director of Driver and Vehicle Services

Dawn Olson, Program Director

Tom Henderson, Vehicle Services Program Director

Mike Hanson, Office of Traffic Safety Director

Matt Langer, Colonel

Brian Reu, Lieutenant

Sean Meagher, Major
Minnesota Department of Revenue

Alyssa Haugen, Assistant Commissioner 

Randy Sanford, State Program Administrative Director

Interested in Partnering with MnDOT?
To learn more about how your organization can partner with MnDOT on connected and automated vehicles, email CAV-X Executive Director, Kristin White, at Kristin.white@state.mn.us.