First Operational Army Aero Unity

May 1910-Lt. (later General) Benjamin Foulois and a small group of enlisted men, along with Army Aeroplane #1, operate from the Calvary Post Parade Ground, Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas.

First Successful Trans-
Continental Flight

1911-The flight made by Cal Rodgers in the Vin Fiz included 23 stops in Texas.

First Female Flight Training School for the U.S. Army

The Stinson family-Katherine, Marjorie, Eddie and Jack started the Stinson school in 1915. The school, which was located in San Antonio, ran until 1917. Katherine was the first female air mail pilot in 1913. Additionally, Katherine set many aviation "firsts"-first night solo flight, first female to fly in Japan and China. Stinson Field (SSF) in San Antonio is named in honor of the Stinson family's contributions to Aviation in Texas.

Captain Benjamin Foulois
Captain Benjamin Foulois, a few days before he left for the Mexican border with the U.S. Punitive Expedition sent to keep Pancho Villa on his own side of the line.
Oveta Culp Hobby
Oveta Culp Hobby being sworn in as first director of the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC) on May 14, 1942.


Aviation Firsts Logo

Wiley Post, the First Pilot to Circle the Globe Solo

July 15-22, 1933-In his Lockheed Vega, the Winnie Mae, Post circumvented the globe. Post was the first pilot to set an altitude record while wearing a pressure suit-on December 7, 1934. Post was born on November 22, 1898, in Grand Saline, Texas.

Oveta Culp Hobby Appointed First Director of WAAC

May 14, 1942-The U.S. Congress establishes the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC) and names Houston native Hobby as its first director.

First Non-Stop Global Flight

March 2, 1949-The flight is made in a Boeing B-50, the Lucky Lady II, by Captain James Gallagher and crew of the 43rd Bomb Group, Carswell Air Force Base, Fort Worth, Texas. The crew flew 23,452 miles with four in-flight aerial refuelings.