High Altitude is Conquered in First Tryout of the Aeroplane; First Flight Ever Made in Nevada

June 23, 1910-Ivy Baldwin made the first real flight with his new machine at the Raycraft ranch this afternoon in the presence of a number of invited guests. For the past several days Baldwin and his associates have been experimenting with the machine and testing out the engines. This morning, he announced that he would make the first attempt to raise from the ground.

The machine was run out into the field and with a short start turned the reflector and in an instant shot into the air. The aviator only intended to raise about twenty feet from the ground in the first trial but kept his machine pointed upward until about thirty-five feet had been reached. The machine then started across the field and from the start was made until he glided to earth the machine was under the absolute control of the driver.

After alighting, Baldwin stated that he had been satisfied all along that the machine was a great success and that the trial today simply bore out his opinion of the machine. He also remarked that the experiment of today settled the question of altitude once and for all.

Daredevil Ivy Baldwin

Dare Devil Ivy Baldwin in balloon
and on high wire.

First Air Flight in Nevada (June 23, 1910)

The first air flight in Nevada took place on the old Raycraft Ranch near Carson City. The flight was of national interest not only because an air journey had never before been made at such an altitude (4,675 feet), but also because Ivy Baldwin, a nationally known parachutist and balloonist, would make the flight. This was a trial flight, as stipulated by the Sagebrush Carnival Committee of Carson City. It was followed by exhibition flights on July 3, 4 and 5 at the Carson City racetrack. Baldwin made the flight in a 48-horsepower Curtis Paulham biplane, reaching a height of 50 feet and covering one-half mile before returning to the starting point. Nevada Historical Marker 179

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His assistants are enthusiastic over the successful tryout today and it is probable that several more lengthy flights will be made during the week.

The successful flight of today assures the carnival of one of the finest aviation meets that has been seen on the coast.

Carson City Daily, Thursday Evening Edition, June 23, 1910

Airship Flirts with Clouds for First Time in Nevada

June 24, 1910-At last Nevada has had a real airship flight and is now up to date in every particular. Reno has copped the greatest prize fight the world has ever read about [Jack Johnson versus Jim Jeffreys] and Carson City not be outdone has secured a California aviator to fly his ship in the heavens over that city. . . .

Probably never before in history has an aviator tried to start his ship from such an elevation as Baldwin did yesterday. There he was a mile above sea level when he started and he arose several hundred feet in the air. In doing this Baldwin probably reached the highest point above sea level in which an aviator has ever operated a machine heavier than air.

Reno Evening Gazette, June 24, 1910