Two Pilots make Transatlantic Helicopter Flight

First transatlantic helicopter flight. Capt. Vincent H. McGovern and1st Lt. Harold W. Moore piloted two Sikorsky H-19s from Westover,Mass., to Prestwick, Scotland (3,410 mi). Trip was made in five stops, with a flying time of 42 hr., 25 min.
(July 15-31, 1952).


Sikorsky Helicopter

Sikorsky H-19 helicopter on it's transatlantic flight.


Granville Brothers biplane built in the Springfield plant.

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Granville Brothers produce a Line of Sport Planes and Racers

The Model A was the first in a line of sport planes and racers produced by the Granville Brothers. The prototype was designed and built by Zantford (Granny) Granville at the East Boston Airport and had many innovative features such as side-by-side seating to promote conversation, "overhead" control sticks so that a lap robe could be used in winter, full-span ailerons, etc. Eighteen of these first biplanes were built, most in a plant provided for the Granvilles in Springfield, MA.