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The General Aviation
Industry is growing
and growing.....
and it NEEDS you!

Most people only interact with major airlines when they arrange travel for business or vacation, thus they only know and understand the major airlines part of aviation.  General Aviation remains largely unknown to the public even though it accounts for 70% of all flights.  

The General Aviation industry – which includes manufacturers, suppliers, support companies, airport facilities, and maintenance facilities
around the country – accounted for 1.3 million
jobs in 2007, with collective earnings of more
$150 billion. 

General Aviation has many different types
of jobs. 

The most commonly known are:

  • Pilot
  • Aircraft maintenance technician
  • Aircraft electronics technician
  • Aerospace engineer
  • Aircraft dispatcher
  • Aviation managers
  • Air traffic controllers
  • Repairmen
    (people specialized in the repair of certain aircraft components)


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