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Salaries in General Aviation

General Aviation salaries are comparable to salaries in other transportation industries and offers outstanding educational opportunities and other benefits. 

What kind of salaries
are we talking about?


Entry Level

1–4 yrs

5 -10 + yrs

Pilot  (81 hrs/mo)




Aviation Maintenance Technician




Air Traffic Controller




Aircraft Dispatch




Aerospace Engineer




Entry level position pay for the first year of employment may sometimes be lower.  Let’s understand how that could be.  When a person completes their education and is ready to start a job in General Aviation, they have the knowledge to do the job, but they lack the experience or training on particular type aircraft.  Since aviation is a highly technical field with many different types of aircraft, an employer will have to invest in additional training of that employee to be able to work on a certain type of aircraft or component and be productive.  For example, a typical aircraft maintenance technician may have hundreds of hours of additional training that their employer has provided for them on several types of aircraft. 

Once an employee continues their training and experience requirements for the first year, their pay goes up substantially. Click here for an example.






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