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Aviation Maintenance Technician
Aircraft Dispatcher
Air Traffic Controller
Aerospace Engineer
Aircraft Electronics
Nondestructive Testing Technician
Interior Aircraft Modication Technician
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Professional Pilots are in command of the plane and are responsible for the safety of the aircraft and its passengers, crew, and cargo.  A pilot plans each flight, flies the plane, and supervises the crew during the flight. He or she also performs ground duties such as filing flight plans, working on reports, briefing crews, and attending training classes. There are many types of pilot careers available.



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Red Helicopter taking off Helicopter with three pilots
red helicopter flying side veiw show inside view of the plane
close up of plane with blue sky with clouds scatter plane fly and the sunset in the background
close up of plane with pilot sitting insde looking out the window close up of pilots in plane
white small plane fly in sky two lady pilots in plane
inside of plane showing panels
Red helicopter put out a fire with water
men pilots  inside helicopter
Lady Pilot walking looking at wing of a plane.

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