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Rethinking I-94

94 between Minneapolis and St. Paul

Every Place Counts Design Challenge

June 27, 2016 - The U.S. Department of Transportation selected St. Paul-Minneapolis as one of four communities across the country to receive a two-day community visioning session aimed at raising awareness and identifying innovative community design solutions that bridge the infrastructure divide and reconnect people to opportunity.

The Ladders of Opportunity Every Place Counts Design Challenge represents an effort to transform our transportation network into a system that reflects and incorporates the input of the people and communities they impact. During the session, the USDOT will provide on-site technical assistance, facilitation of design strategies, subject matter experts, guidance related to USDOT program funds, identification of resources and eligibility for implementation.

The I-94 corridor is rich with diversity and your voice and ideas are essential in making this process a success. The overall goals of this design challenge are to:

  • Encourage communities to reimagine existing transportation projects via innovative and restorative infrastructure design that addresses past mistakes; reconnects people and neighborhoods to opportunity; and reinvigorates opportunity within communities.
  • Empower communities and decision-makers to work together to develop context-sensitive design solutions that reflect and incorporate the input of the people and communities they touch.

Visit the U.S. DOT Website to learn more about this initiative.

July 18 & 19Every Place Counts Design Challenge held in St. Paul.

Dec. 20 - The U.S. Department of Transportation releases its final report, which details design challenge goals and workshop discussions, and highlights design and policy recommendations as well as several suggested near- and longer-term next steps for each community. To view a full listing of design and policy recommendations, as well as suggested next steps, visit U.S. DOT’s website to read the full Every Place Counts Design Challenge report. Note: to request a copy of this report in an alternate format, contact nick.carpenter@state.mn.us. A summary of the report (PDF) also is available.