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35W@94: Downtown to Crosstown



History of I-35W at this location

I-35W between 43rd St. and 15th St. was constructed in 1967. MnDOT made routine repairs to the pavement in 1985 and in 1995. In 2009 the priced dynamic lanes were developed to improve the flow of traffic and to relieve congestion in the corridor.

Average daily traffic

  • I-35W in 2013: 198,500
  • I-35W in 2038: projected to be 257,700
  • I-94 in 2013: 243,000 vehicles
  • I-94 in 2038: projected to be 288,500

Construction benefits

  • Improve the life, safety and sustainability of the road with new pavement
  • Provide additional access to the region from northbound I-35W to 28th and southbound I-35W to Lake St.
  • Provide motorists a congestion-free travel option into and out of downtown Minneapolis by converting the northbound I-35W priced dynamic shoulder lane between 43rd and 26th streets to a MnPASS Express Lane and the establishing a MnPASS Express Lane on southbound I-35W between 43rd and 26th Streets
  • An on-line transit station on I-35W located at Lake St. will be a primary hub for the Orange Line and provide a safe and efficient transit connection
  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle access and travel options on local streets